Saturday, March 31, 2007


When I give you the freedom to be yourself
Listening to your feelings
Being quiet with thee,
Do I give you the freedom to forget me?

When I feel the pain of being forgotten,
Do I rage within?
Cry with out?
Do I remember what love is all about?

Dear God, help me to recall
That right and wrong is not all.
That wanting love is losing love.

I fall asleep
For the pain of letting go
Is in it self
Too hard to keep.

I then awake
This is great!

Love is ME!

Poem by Jan Spiller, 1988

The Love of God

Sweet is the solitude of the desert land. The sun hangs high in the sky, and only the shadows move as day declines, giving place to soft hued night.
In the quietude of the moonlit hours, the anxious cares and toil of the day slip away, calmness descends and the traveller sits in the opening of his tent. He breathes a prayer of thankfulness for blessings that are his, then contemplates with mind and soul the scene before his gaze.
The rolling dunes give back the warmth so lately stored in grains of golden sand. A starry mantle is spread o'er heaven's space and myriad points of light twinkle and glow in the utter silence.
Man looks up and his lips are hushed as he seeks to tune with the Infinite. What can he say that is of worth beside this silent witness to the majesty of the Creator? Yet his soul vibrates with love and thankfulness that this consciousness is his.
Mortal eyes are not just mirrors to reflect the harmony of life, but windows of the mind to seek the beautiful and good.
Humble and content, the dweller of the sands folds himself in sleep knowing that even as tomorrow's dawn will light the eastern sky, so the Love of God will light his soul in this world and the next.

From the journal of S. J. Spiller - Sept. 22, 1938

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The song that sings inside me.

The song that sings inside me
Is bright and gay and strong.
It comes from many cultures,
To whom I now belong.

An ancient tune I 'm thinking,
With words not quite defined.
But still I understand them.
They come from my whole mind.

I sing each night and morning
A love song to my Lord.
He joins me with His blessings,
A note of one accord.

The song that sings inside me
Plays on eternally.
It rings with joy and laughter,
And knows not misery.

It bubbles away troubles.
It fizzes away fears.
It even makes me younger
By several million years!

How silly you might say
To think that this is true.
The song that sings inside me
Is you!

Written 2/21/99
Janet E. Spiller

Monday, March 5, 2007