Monday, November 14, 2016


The range from here to there is now beyond belief.
I guess you'd say it comes when you need relief
from this old world and stories that unfurl the lies
and promises that cover up your eyes
from Truth.

Self certainty emerges as power and light shines forth
for choosing God beyond all else is worth
giving life eternal, with no thought of dying,
for neither time nor space exists, because you're crying
for Truth.

Remember there is no such thing as a human being.
You are God’s Son, His one eternal Love now seen
as salvation’s means and end as well
the one and only way out of this hell
is Truth.

You are the means by which God’s Son is saved,
because God’s purpose is to give the love you craved,
the only goal the world is seeking for
to know you're sinless now and ever more
in Truth.

Janet Spiller
Nov. 11th, 2016