Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Timeless Dreamer

In consciousness a thought arises.
Do not follow or you're in for surprises.
Thoughts come and go by themselves you see.
To pursue them imprisons both you and me.

Follow not sensations in body or mind,
as there's nothing to do or undo or find.
Simply you're here and discovering peace.
Don't touch the past, then the future will cease.

Nothing to change or create in the now.
Becoming is over, you're breathing somehow.
Aware of your senses and fully awake,
you're unattached for goodness sake.

With nothing to control; awareness expands
beyond any boundaries to effortless lands,
where nothing disturbs you, there is no ban,
for the Presence of “I am” says “Yes” I can

be One with all things, here or afar.
Without a belief, or opinion or star
to guide you through time and space today,
you're One with your Father, there's nothing to say.

Faceless, deathless, ever-fresh -
in silence and stillness together you mesh.
Fully alive being neutral you see
there's nothing to change, so you can just be.

Ever-present, unchanging, uncreated core,
awakening, happening, breath dissolves all.
Limitless, effortless, a formless Being.
A timeless Dreamer in an infinite dream
of Light.

Janet Spiller
January 9th, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What are you?

It is enough to be your true Self
to smile and to shine as you sit on the shelf.
You don't need a purpose or to speak a word.
The sense of “I am” is real, not absurd.

There's nothing to do or undo or expect.
Don't touch a thought of success or regret.
Whatever comes is observed by you.
No boundaries, no effect, no waiting, no clue.

Your sense of Presence, with lack of ego
is guided by Being, beyond time's show.
Your mind is neutral, there's nothing to get.
No person with stories with a future and yet,

Unchanging, uncreated, with life force expressing,
nothing to hold on to, just Oneness of Being
dissolving plans, attachments and needs.
Neither strength, nor weakness and now you are freed.

All perceiving is perceived by the immeasurable One
coming into full realization that you are God's Son.

Janet Spiller
January 11th, 2017