Thursday, April 20, 2017


It seems a change has now occurred
'cause sound and sight annoy my soul.
To write now seems to be absurd.
I wonder what can be the goal?

I want to go to bed and sleep.
Yet sleep brings dreams that feel like hell.
I say okay to God and yet
He tells me nothing, so I yell

at all the craziness of this.
Has nature shifted into the bliss
of doing nothing and being no where.
Without my body, am I holy air?

I look below. What do I see?
No reason to be here. No me.
My eye sight's going. My ears hate sound.
Help Holy Spirit I need to be found.

I feel bereft.

Janet Spiller
8 minute writing exercise
Good Friday
April 14th, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017


It's one of those days when thoughts whip around.
They come and they go and don't make a sound.
Perhaps they are waiting for you and for me
to brighten this planet with thoughts that are free.

I'd like to be driven to mountains up high
where eagles are flying, but never know why
their job is to gather a snail or a goat
to feed there dear youngsters before they emote

a life of there own and be on their way
to worlds far beyond those stars that say
there's nothing on earth to keep you here,
only crisis and worries all bathing in fear.

I hope that you get that all thoughts can't endure
for changes occur like the seasons each year.
First cold, then springy, then here comes the heat.
You swelter and struggle as you try to beat

the sun's heavy blazing through clouds up above.
Until you go swimming with your only true love.
I guess that these thoughts may show you the way.
There's nothing to tell you. There's nothing to say



Janet Spiller
8 minute writing exercise
April 7th, 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017



Trusting Him to raise me up.
Jesus is walking everywhere.
Letting go of knowing a thing.
I'm trusting Him without a care.
No ones guilty, not you nor me.
Nothing's going to harm we three.

I love the freedom of loving You,
beyond the judgment of false or true,
of good or bad,
of happy or sad.
No guilt or doubt invades my heart.
My mind is clear and not apart,
from trusting You, my Heavenly home.

Beyond dark clouds of sinful thoughts, lies the Truth of all there is.
My dream of sin and separation fades away like champagne fizz.

Let's go within and see the Light that shines on all today.
Holy Spirit let us know that we only need to pray
and trust You.

Janet Spiller
8 minute writing exercise

Meaningless Chatter

Meaningless Chatter

I didn't really listen, 'cause nothing meant a thing.
Yet when I close my eyes, I find that I am smiling.

They're all alive and sprightly – enthusiasm roars.
As each one adds their story of here and distant shores.
I seem to be in dreamland, where nothings left to say.
I guess I'll give no meaning to all that's said today.

Without a certain meaning attached to every word.
The sounds of humans talking does really sound absurd.
If they weren’t speaking English, but words were all in Greek,
would we still laugh and cry, not knowing what they speak.

I listen and I wonder if I'm belonging here
for silence, with its emptiness, shows me I'm everywhere.

Janet Spiller
January 6th, 2017
8 minute writing class

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Truth

I need to feel the arc of Love
caressing me from God above
that holds the Truth in its embrace
that brings a smile to my somber face.

Sometimes I think I'm bound to be
a leaf that dangles from a tree
holding on to the Source of faith,
yet letting go to the wind's embrace.

I drift to the heavens where I can fly.
Or fall to the earth where I crinkle and die.
Perhaps as earth I'll nurture you
as you plant your flowers in my loving hue.

I'd like to be water, so I can flow
to dreams beyond this; beyond 'I don't know'.
So wet I seem to slosh and sleet
like little toads beneath your feet.

All thoughts of Truth are not from me.
They come from God where I am free
to make up stories like this you see.
So 'bye for now 'cause this can't be
the Truth.

Janet E. Spiller
Writing Class
March 24th, 2017