Sunday, April 2, 2017



Trusting Him to raise me up.
Jesus is walking everywhere.
Letting go of knowing a thing.
I'm trusting Him without a care.
No ones guilty, not you nor me.
Nothing's going to harm we three.

I love the freedom of loving You,
beyond the judgment of false or true,
of good or bad,
of happy or sad.
No guilt or doubt invades my heart.
My mind is clear and not apart,
from trusting You, my Heavenly home.

Beyond dark clouds of sinful thoughts, lies the Truth of all there is.
My dream of sin and separation fades away like champagne fizz.

Let's go within and see the Light that shines on all today.
Holy Spirit let us know that we only need to pray
and trust You.

Janet Spiller
8 minute writing exercise

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