Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Did you know that to believe
you take a thought and then do weave
a story from it that does deceive
all in this world, so you may perceive

Whatever comes to your mind to think
just know it's gone in another wink.
It's only when you stall and hum
that thoughts cement and thus become

Because I'm just a human being
beyond God's thoughts or in between
I find I'm sad or mad or glad
defining this image as full of bad

A gal that's happy to be free
of thoughts of you and thoughts of me.
Alone I drift upon the sea
wondering now who holds the key
to illusions.

This nothingness, which I gladly bare
dost keep me dancing in the air
or swimming in the great nowhere
so deep it leaves no one to care
about illusions.

And so I go about this world
a human being whose hair is curled
with thoughts a wandering in fields all pearled
with illusions.

Janet Spiller
December 16th, 2016
8 minute writing exercise.

All is Wow!

I realize now that I am tired.
I think perhaps I've come unwired.
It could be that the day is gray.
But really I have nought to say.

You'll think I'm making all this up,
but wisdom comes when you're a pup
who's never learned 'bout this or that
and only wants to eat your hat.

My kitten wants to purr and sleep.
I think that's me when thoughts I keep
about God's Son who's not really there,
but aloft with God being debonaire.

As no one's here with an I.D.
I drift along without a “me”.
It's fun to watch the human being
trying to do things like a machine.

It's beyond time and beyond space
that offers you love and peace and Grace.
To all who let it all go now
you live in Heaven where all is WOW!

In Love.

Janet E. Spiller
November 25, 2016
8 minute writing exercise.

I judged, and so I fear the idols that I made.
And so my guilt and pain have seriously betrayed
the joyous Child of God whose sitting in the shade
of judgment.

I screamed at you again for sinning in my dream.
My anger was released because I wasn't keen
to look within and know I'm holding up a screen
of judgment.

I denied the Truth of me as Savior of the world.
The safety in my sinlessness was yet to be unfurled.
And now a game of sacrifice was likely going to hurl
a judgment.

Withhold the gift of miracles and see how bad you feel.
For Christ's eternal vision is now the only deal
that brings you joy and happiness so love is all that's real
in judgment.


Janet E. Spiller
December 10th, 2016
8 minute writing exercise
Five Minutes

There's only five minutes left in my life.
No time to take measure of what caused me strife.
No thoughts about past deeds or what is to come.
Just time passing by and this is not fun!

I guess they are laughing at me and my gear.
I'll just try ignoring those cads far and near.
Forever I'm waiting for words to come forth
to wow you with how great I am – of course!

My greatness won't come from outside of me.
It comes from inside me where spirit is free.
Free to be nothing, timeless and gone.
Time to be nowhere since I do belong

with God and His angels away up above
where consciousness covers us all with sweet love.
A love that is boundless and never departs
for we live in heaven with a light in our hearts.


Janet E. Spiller
October 31, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016


The range from here to there is now beyond belief.
I guess you'd say it comes when you need relief
from this old world and stories that unfurl the lies
and promises that cover up your eyes
from Truth.

Self certainty emerges as power and light shines forth
for choosing God beyond all else is worth
giving life eternal, with no thought of dying,
for neither time nor space exists, because you're crying
for Truth.

Remember there is no such thing as a human being.
You are God’s Son, His one eternal Love now seen
as salvation’s means and end as well
the one and only way out of this hell
is Truth.

You are the means by which God’s Son is saved,
because God’s purpose is to give the love you craved,
the only goal the world is seeking for
to know you're sinless now and ever more
in Truth.

Janet Spiller
Nov. 11th, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016

Beyond the self

Beyond the nothing that seems my self,
there's a big surprise up on the shelf.
The final point of this or that
is to find your Self without a hat.

Without a hat or glove or pen
the ego starts to lose it's yen.
For man's identity is more than form;
more than a thought of being forlorn.

Let go each thought, belief and wish
to be a body or a fish.
The Supreme Self is always there
to love and hold you everywhere.

No concept, nor a thought of grief,
will free your self or give relief
to mortal's journey to the stars.
It's far beyond a trip to mars.

Dear Lord I thank you for this Light
that shows the way beyond my fright
of letting go of conditioned me,
to finally know that I am free.


Janet Spiller
10 minute writing exercise
April 8th, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Divine Doodles

Thank you Father for your gifts to me.
I'm not a body, I am free.
This doodle to you is the key
to knowing my Self as all I can Be.

I love You Father and I love Your Son.
I now see Love in everyone.
I knew my life had just begun
when You arose like the morning sun.

The joy I feel when I think of You
is far beyond a human hue.
No time, nor space can give a clue
to the Grace you gave me of this view.

Your Love heals all despair and sorrow.
Being One with You, there's no tomorrow.
By doing Your Will, there's nothing to borrow.
By loving You, all else will follow
in LOVE.

Janni Spiller
10 minute writing exercise
April 7th, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Golden painting

She painted a golden bird cage.
It's all she wanted to do.
Until she saw the chocolates
and decided to paint them too.

She saw a bug on the window -
six legs and a colorful back.
It ended up in a shoe box,
with it self in a golden sack.

The paint ran out one evening.
She didn't really mind.
Now all was painted golden,
except that man who's blind.

That fitted her just fine,
'cause he gave off such a glow
that he lit up her whole mind
and ended the painting show.

Janni Spiller
10 minute writing exercise
April 1st, 2016