Monday, November 10, 2008


Grounded love
In earthly cloak
Swept in passion
By life's strong yoke

Surely footed
Through murky clay
Pressing forward
To meet his day.

Beyond veils of dusky clouds
He finds the truth all about.
Beyond the clanging of metal words
He hears the truth in the absurd.

This gentle dear with words of grace
Dost lull my heart with heaven's face.
Open your window and let Wesley in
And let creation's song begin.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'll meet you there

There is a place in our hearts
where our realities join
and beliefs do not separate us.

Where our spirits dance with glee
exploring our possibilities
as we surrender our identity.

A place where we allow one another
to see our frustrations
hear our songs of joy
and taste the salt of our tears.

It is a warm safe place
where we tenderly hold one another
and let go of whatever holds us back.

There is a place in our hearts
where we intuitively touch the truth
I'll meet you there.


Above all else I want to see
Gods image of truth as He gave it to me,
To look on my world with such charity,
That love can set me free.

Behind every image that I have made,
The truth remains forever unchanged.
Behind every veil o'er the face of love,
My light remains undimmed.

Beyond insane thinking that I have wrought,
Is my will united with Gods.
Beyond separation and negative thought,
Is the knowledge of oneness with all.

My ego thoughts create the pain
Of illness, loss, aging and death.
Yet complete fullfillment and perfect peace
Are my own inheritance.

Love replaces fear
Laughter replaces tears
Abundance replaces loss
This is why we're here.

Above all else I want to see