Monday, December 23, 2013

Please begin

Please begin and end with loving thoughts.
No conflict is welcome in my mind.
Let each moment open to what is.
Let each heart beat with one accord.

Please begin and end with the peace of God.
No war is welcome in my soul.
Let each moment speak with words of Truth.
Let each breath release the sound of joy.

Please begin and end with nothing from the past.
No grievance is welcome from my lips.
Let each moment inspire my brother.
Let each sigh be a letting go.

Please begin and end with no plans;
No anticipation of things to come.
Let each moment be here and now.
Let each prayer just take me home.

Please begin and end.

10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller, 
Dec. 18th, 2013

Starting Now

Starting now in the midst of oppression.
Starting now I’m writing a session
Of mystical thinking that’s really not me.
I’m singing and hanging from yon maple tree.

Starting now I am following my Lord.
No longer on earth plane, I’m in one accord
With love, joy and laughter
and peace ever after.
I’m dancing my thoughts.

Starting now, I am loving you all.
There’s no stopping me, chopping me
 or making me fall
For ego’s illusions of defense and attack.
I’m staying on course kid
because there’s no lack
of starting Me now.

10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller
November 13th, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"God Night, My Love"

                                        " God Night, my love."

                                       It’s 3 am, I’m wide awake.
                                          My mirror shows an old lady.
                                          Another chance for me to shake
                                    my thoughts of death that are so shady

                                         That I forgot to laugh with joy,
                                    Or jump with glee at thoughts of God
                                         Who is my Savior, my envoy,
                                      Who keeps me safe above the sod.

                                It’s “HELP! Show me! Thank you my Lord”

                                      Beyond this frame, this cloak of fear,
                                              I am not guilty of discord.

                                     “Forgive and bless yourself, my dear.”

                                                    I search my mind
                                                     and there I find,
                                          “How may I help you Janni?
                                                      Hot chocolate?
                                                        Soft music?
                                                A Course in Miracles?
                                                    A walk-a-bout?
                                                    A stretch or two?
                                                  A letting go of you?

                                   “I think I will just dream of You.
                                             Thank you, Father.”

                                          “God night, my Love.”

                 (10 minute writing exercise July 28th, 2013, by Janet Spiller)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Dream

Another  Dream 

I want to go trudging in nature today
To see the deep ocean and feel its cool spray,
and Sequoia trees, so big and bold
you need ten people ‘round their trunks to hold.

I would like to lie in a field of flowers
And gaze at the sky breathing fresh air for hours.
My soul is restless for wild horses to see.
Let’s gallop along the shore and be free.

I want a warm arm around my waist
And a silent kiss to brush my face
And a hand to hold and a long embrace
that memories can never erase.

I’d like to go hiking up mountains again
And being surprised by what’s ‘round the bend.
Hot chocolate and French bread to eat by the Seine
And maybe a Frenchman to quench my yen.

I’ll ride a bicycle around Paris
And meet with poets and writers like me.
Another dream of romance and fun,
Until I wake up and find I’m undone.

(10 minute writing exercise, 7/24/13, by Janet Spiller)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And so it is

                                    And so it is
You might ask, “How does forgiveness solve anything?”
I suppose it’s only when you do it and experience the great relief from letting go of a grievance, that you understand.
When you understand, you begin to love and loving allows further forgiveness until there is everlasting peace.
So, having no more problems, forgiveness has solved everything - that never was.

You might ask, “How does faith solve anything?”
Faith is seeing my friends, family and you, my mighty companions, as innocent.
Seeing you as innocent, I have imbued faith in my innocent Self.

You might then ask, “How does the light solve anything?”
Shining the light onto the dark field of rubble
resolves any trouble
 in my mind.
Seeing only light, there are no shadows.

And so it is.

Janet Collins
Author of romantic spiritual adventure novel, “One Path Home”
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chaos Descending

                        ^       Too many words,
                                    Really absurd.
                                      I feel like a nerd
                                       Spinning around.

                                         Inside and out
                                          I have no clout.
                                            What’s it about?
                                              Does anyone know?

                                               No I to be found.
                                                Just seem to be bound
                                                 By a sight and a sound
                                                  That’s meaningless.

                                                   “Dad, send some Help,
                                                     I’m swimming in kelp."
                                                      Like a puppy I yelp,
                                                        As chaos descends.

          (10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller, April 18th, 2012)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poem - "Knowing Nothing"


Until I know my Self, I know nothing.
Who I am is part of God’s plan,
but I am caught by the thought which man has taught,
 making up stories to solidify my ego identity.

Until I know my Self, I know nothing.
What I think is part of my plan.  A plan
that delves into tales of self-indulgent hero-worship
telling me how wondrous I am as a body.

Until I know my Self, I know nothing.
Why I make up this dream with a blazing theme
to outwit God, is a crazy scheme
not to know my Self.

Until I know my Self, I know nothing.
Now I spend my day, whittling time away
to overcome death, because I’ve got to stay
and not know my Self.

Until I know my Self, I know nothing.
When I write this stuff, I realize that’s enough
of false ideas and insane fears.
I want to know my Self -
knowing everything.

( 10 minute writing exercise, May 13th, 2013 - by Janet Spiller)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I’m overwhelmed with all their chatter. 
And all their words that don’t really matter. 
I’m under-whelmed with compassion for them. 
To survive without screaming, I’ll count up to ten. 

 I really don’t like me for writing this crap 
But I’ll do it anyway to see how I map
 A road out of these thoughts to reach higher fields
 Where flowers are blooming and nothing here yields

 To sinister feelings.

 I’m causing this world.
 The flag is unfurled
 Whose white says, “Surrender
 To thoughts that are tender. 

Take a step up the ladder
 From madder and sadder
 And join them in laughter
 And peace ever after.”

 (10 minute writing exercise 4/15/2013 by Janet Spiller)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I walked into a rap Not knowing what to do. This is quite a challenge For me and, yes, for you. We have to make a song And still we do not sing. We just speak fast and long Pretending we are king. I’m standing up in front And yapping about me And saying only junk Pretending I am free. What purpose does this give To one who isn’t here. It’s not the way to live Unless I’m full of fear. Yet joining is the key To leave this seeming place, So please come home with me And share our Father’s Grace. A Grace that doesn’t go Nor rap about a thing. A Grace that doesn’t know A rapper nor a King. For you’re His wondrous Son In silence and in peace. And knowing I’m the One, This non-sense now will cease. And that's a wrap. Janni Spiller 10/27/12

Monday, April 8, 2013


UNTIL Sing until the words mean nothing. Dance until all thoughts have gone. Shout until all rage has vanished. Write about it in your song. Read until you see an answer. Listen until you hear the Word. Christ has risen. You are wondrous. Anything else would be absurd. Cry until no tears are streaming. Laugh until your tummy’s sore. Give thanks until your gratitude’s beaming Us beyond forevermore. Joke until no jokes are laughed at. Kiss until you dream of love. Love until your empty dreaming Disappears into truth above. (10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller 4/8/2013)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Going On Up stairs

When I’m feeling separate, I hate everyone. They’re all so happy, while I’m feeling glum. Shut up your face, man. I don’t want to hear All your cute stories. Let them disappear. I’m tired of the platitudes, the Course pitter-patter. I’m tired of the whole world, ‘cause it does not matter. You know all the lingo. You flail in the Light. Just leave me alone, man. I’m going to take flight. I’m done with the concepts. Don’t give me a book. I’m done with the movies, so don’t make me look. Why bother with people. Why bother with me. Just let it all go, man and let’s all be free. The time and the distance between this and that means nothing is happ’ning to make me re-act. So, I’ll be who I am. No one really cares. Doing nothing is my bliss. I’m going on up stairs. ( 10 minute writing exercise on 3/18/13 by Janni Spiller)

Giving It Up

It’s vaguely familiar this feeling of mine. That mixture of bravery you get from the wine. I guess I’d feel shaky if I went in fear. But I pray to my Father to make the way clear. You’ve got to be loving and give from your heart. You can’t be unhappy or nervous to start. Just pick up your bag. Walk quick and walk tall. You’ve got to be sprightly or you’re in for a fall. I’ve nursed blacks and Asians and folks very poor. I’ve been with dying babies and old ones galore. Forty years on this journey of sickness and sin. I’ve given it all up and now I begin. To see the illusion of hatred and death. A feeling familiar is freeing my breath And opening my heart and my mind to my Lord. I love Him forever. We’re in One accord. (10 minute writing exercise on 3/12/2013 by Janni Spiller)