Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Discover the wonder of being alone.
No chatter, no matter, not even a phone
A time to go inward beyond time and place.
A time to go outward and be more than space.

Discover the pleasure of loving your Self
No concepts, nor thoughts. All go up on the shelf.
Forget all the yearning for this or for that.
Forget all the judgment. Put it under your hat.

Discover the wisdom from letting all go.
No dreams are needed. They melt like the snow.
Remember the Son ship, the oneness with all.
Remember your essence which preceded the fall.

Discover the pureness of God's Sacred Word.
No fiction nor fraction that makes life absurd.
Don't frighten the children that dance in the sun.
Nor talk of the nightmares where you are undone.

For death rules the world and yourself once again
Until you discover your true Self. Amen.

Janet E. Spiller
(10 minute writing exercise)
November 13th, 2015

Journey Home

With the kiss of Bliss enrapturing me by the closeness of our encounter, I realized that my journey home had nothing to do with me, nor with my person hood in any way.

I was now letting go of all my conditioned thoughts and beliefs. The story of an illusory dance within the egoistic dreamland of my mind was now being shriveled up.

In the emptiness of silence, a new gavotte leaped and twirled with my spirit in harmony with joyful awareness, scattering love throughout the universe.

No more linear journeys towards some earthly goal that never existed.
I am a vision of That which is eternally beyond objective time, space and form.

No words need describe to you the brilliant discovery of Light emanating from within my soul, for Awareness is One with you and all creation.

Janet Spiller
(10 minute writing class)
November 13th, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Is that all?

The body is calling
with all kinds of chatter.
It smiles, then it cries
and believes it does matter.

Beyond all this nonsense
in worlds up above
there's a body of knowledge
that knows only love.

A love that is lasting
beyond birth and death.
A Love that is God-ly
and knows only rest.

Be conscious of knowing
that peace is internal
without any witness
it's joy in a kernel.

The hearts only passion
is to be One with all.
Since Nothing is empty
It really can't fall

Into rages or windstorms
and that is not all . . .
or is it?

Janet Spiller
October 9th, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"I'll meet you there"

My poem, "I'll Meet You There",
 was printed in a book called,
 "In My Lifetime: Memoirs", 
Eber & Wein Publishing, 
      Newhaven, PA.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meaningless Chatter

Meaningless Chatter

I'm too tired to write down the bones.

My ears are ringing and my eyes feel like clones.

My skeleton is padded with too many words.

Fatty clumps of adjectives sticking like curds.

And nouns abound 'round my skinny ribs.
Conjunctions join the twins in the cribs.

Another verb and I'm swimming in gunk.

A few more pronouns we'll stick on my trunk.

Just meaningless chatter that jitters my nerves.

More paper to look at or stick on my curves.

I know I am grateful for all you have done.

But listening to paragraphs isn't much fun.

I love you brothers and know you are fine.

Writing down words doesn’t take any time.

Eight minutes to write on this wintery day.

I've written things down, now I'm going on my way.


8 minute writing exercise
January 29th, 2015
Janni Spiller

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Janet E. Collins

by Janet Collins

A Wonderful Book,”

Someone handed me this book at one of my book signings, saying it was a love story based on A COURSE IN MIRACLES. People hand me books all the time, but with this one I immediately took notice. I knew I wanted to read it. And when I did, I savored every page. Here is a great adventure story, a juicy love story, and a serious treatise on A Course in Miracles all rolled into one. And it's a page turner. Janet Collins understands A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and she understands love. I would read anything she writes. I'm a total fan.”


Monday, January 26, 2015

Higher Than That

Higher Than That

Who or what is watching the watcher?

A watch is a time-keeper - but what's beyond time?

A time to laugh and a time to cry? Why?

Higher than That or “I am” or of God.

Beyond all thought on this sickly sod.

A sod soaked in symptoms of sinning and death.

needs wringing dry from the simpering cry,

Why me? Why them? Why any thing here?”

Keep letting it go. Undo every fear.

Only love lifts us higher . . . higher than That.

No symbols to cling to. Not even a hat

To shield the mind from figuring out

who's in charge of this dream. Who has the clout?

Forget analyzing who's awake or asleep.

Forget that you're human. There's nothing to keep.

You're higher than That. Keep letting it go.

Know nothing. Sit back and just watch the show.

It's already over.

8 minute writing exercise, January 22nd, 2015
by Janni Spiller