Monday, November 10, 2008


Grounded love
In earthly cloak
Swept in passion
By life's strong yoke

Surely footed
Through murky clay
Pressing forward
To meet his day.

Beyond veils of dusky clouds
He finds the truth all about.
Beyond the clanging of metal words
He hears the truth in the absurd.

This gentle dear with words of grace
Dost lull my heart with heaven's face.
Open your window and let Wesley in
And let creation's song begin.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'll meet you there

There is a place in our hearts
where our realities join
and beliefs do not separate us.

Where our spirits dance with glee
exploring our possibilities
as we surrender our identity.

A place where we allow one another
to see our frustrations
hear our songs of joy
and taste the salt of our tears.

It is a warm safe place
where we tenderly hold one another
and let go of whatever holds us back.

There is a place in our hearts
where we intuitively touch the truth
I'll meet you there.


Above all else I want to see
Gods image of truth as He gave it to me,
To look on my world with such charity,
That love can set me free.

Behind every image that I have made,
The truth remains forever unchanged.
Behind every veil o'er the face of love,
My light remains undimmed.

Beyond insane thinking that I have wrought,
Is my will united with Gods.
Beyond separation and negative thought,
Is the knowledge of oneness with all.

My ego thoughts create the pain
Of illness, loss, aging and death.
Yet complete fullfillment and perfect peace
Are my own inheritance.

Love replaces fear
Laughter replaces tears
Abundance replaces loss
This is why we're here.

Above all else I want to see


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


You've got to be kidding; I did all that?
By thinking fear thoughts, I'm under attack?
She really did nothing, that sister of mine!
I thought she was crazy, but you say she's fine!

Hard to believe, but what else can I do?
She's perfect, you say, so that must be true.
What grievance may I keep to make myself real?
Not one, do you say, if I want to heal!

You've got to be kidding, I made myself sick?
You mean she's not guilty; the ego's the trick?
I guess she's my saviour, if I want to learn
That mirror she shows me, I must not now spurn.

I'm grateful to know I'm attacking my self.
I can stop it right now and look at the wealth
Of gifts I've been given by God up above
And instead of attacking me, be only love.

Written by "Janni" on 4/06/2001

Sunday, May 11, 2008


"I love this book, ("ONE PATH HOME"). I read it from start to finish last night in one sitting. I have not been so deeply moved by a book like this in years. Bravo! Truth be told, I was disappointed when it came to an end! What a beautiful story! This story would make a great movie. Your writing is amazing and I laughed out loud in many places.
I am looking forward to your next book." ( "QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT" )

Lisa Natoli, author of "Gorgeous for God"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reader's comments - "ONE PATH HOME"

"ONE PATH HOME" combines a great romantic adventure
story with wise and wonderful ruminations on
Janet Collins is a woman who knows a lot about men, and a
lot about God. I want to read anything she writes."

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eternal Questions

Is it time yet to meet God?
Am I really good enough?
Do I want to let the thought that I am a body go?
Have I suffered enough?
What guilt or fear is holding me back?
What eternal rapture do I find in this world?
What game do I play in order to jumble up my life?
Do I love to dance with the thought of death?
Will I let it all go now?
Why did the impossible happen?
Speak up God!
I can't hear you.
Janet Spiller
July 20, 1996


Now it is evening
Shadows are falling.
Supper is ready.
Nostalgia is near.
Who is the Goddess?
Where is my brother?
No one to join me,
except thoughts of fear.
Change my perception.
Ask for assistance.
I'm not alone.
Holy Spirit is here.
I am the Goddess.
I am the brother.
I join my Self.
It's Heaven my dear.
Janet Spiller
May 23rd, 1996


Love in love with itself scampering freely in abandoned joy.
Innocent creatures exploring possibilities of emotion . . . feasting on wonderment of worldly textures, smells, tastes and forms.
Running to the next treasure of experience.
Limitless energy.
Abundant love.
Changing patterns weaving light and dark across the mirrors of their minds.
Choosing joy and miracles.
Being their God-self, knowing their atonement with heaven.
Now is all.
Teaching us how to perceive our own perfection.
Grand children.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Senator Barack Obama

Senator Obama, like our first President, George Washington, is coming into the presidency during an economic crisis in a time of war.
As the first Afro-American candidate for the presidency, he is charting a course for change amidst a very entrenched political arena.

Politics is about reputation and character. In 1791, John Fenno, of the Gazette of the United States, gushed that Alexander Hamilton, "is a star of the first magnitude in our political hemisphere." Is Senator Barack Obama also that star; or is he a comet burning brightly in the sky only to shine for a moment and then be extinguished?

According to Thomas Jefferson, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time." Obama is doing just that by inspiring thousands of Americans to get out for the first time to caucus and vote in the Primaries. He has created a great infrastructure across the nation in a short time by appealing to each of us to get involved. He has demonstrated by his leadership that his principles, words and actions are congruent.

Wanting a total change for both the common man and the elite in the Federal government, Barack is walking a tightrope between black/white, rich/poor, young and old. Since talent, skill and moral fortitude guide his judgment, I believe that he will not be a traitor to the truth to please anyone.

With formidable zeal for his country, accompanied by integrity and honesty, he promotes liberty and justice for all. His orations, charismatic personality and vocal advocacy for the rights of all, ignites the hope of the return of the government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Right now, something new is being offered. It is the possibility of opening up our narrow vision and untapped potential by believing, "YES WE CAN." As shown in his latest book, "Audacity of Hope", he is daring, decisive and audacious! He is used to taking huge risks and he is used to winning. Courage and intelligence dovetail with his ambition to obtain the consent of the whole people to elect him as the next President of the United States of America. He has enormous plans and knows how to kick them into gear. "FIRED UP AND READY TO GO."

Benjamin Franklin, who signed the petition for the abolition of slavery, said,"The noblest question in the world is, 'What good may I do in it." The primary concern of many of us is the national debt. What good may Obama do in it?

As in every conflict, the basic causes must be addressed and resolved. This is a national curse because it yields power to nations like China, who can demand payment without notice, thus putting the U.S. at great economic risk. As Thomas Jefferson said in the 1700s, "We will never be respected abroad until we have resolved our debtor status." Like black slavery three centuries ago, this enormous debt is a forbidden subject that must now be addressed. What better man to address and resolve it than Barack!

A creative statesman like Obama, can conciliate views. He identifies problems; brings all the relevant players to the table; asks what do we need to do about it; how do we fix it; listens; sorts out the solutions; organizes bi-partisan collaboration and then co-ordinates immediate action.

I believe that presidential candidate Obama can unite us and lead the way out of our economic crisis and bring an end to war.

Article written by Janet E. Collins,
Author of "One Path Home."