Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eternal Questions

Is it time yet to meet God?
Am I really good enough?
Do I want to let the thought that I am a body go?
Have I suffered enough?
What guilt or fear is holding me back?
What eternal rapture do I find in this world?
What game do I play in order to jumble up my life?
Do I love to dance with the thought of death?
Will I let it all go now?
Why did the impossible happen?
Speak up God!
I can't hear you.
Janet Spiller
July 20, 1996


Now it is evening
Shadows are falling.
Supper is ready.
Nostalgia is near.
Who is the Goddess?
Where is my brother?
No one to join me,
except thoughts of fear.
Change my perception.
Ask for assistance.
I'm not alone.
Holy Spirit is here.
I am the Goddess.
I am the brother.
I join my Self.
It's Heaven my dear.
Janet Spiller
May 23rd, 1996


Love in love with itself scampering freely in abandoned joy.
Innocent creatures exploring possibilities of emotion . . . feasting on wonderment of worldly textures, smells, tastes and forms.
Running to the next treasure of experience.
Limitless energy.
Abundant love.
Changing patterns weaving light and dark across the mirrors of their minds.
Choosing joy and miracles.
Being their God-self, knowing their atonement with heaven.
Now is all.
Teaching us how to perceive our own perfection.
Grand children.