Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Going On Up stairs

When I’m feeling separate, I hate everyone. They’re all so happy, while I’m feeling glum. Shut up your face, man. I don’t want to hear All your cute stories. Let them disappear. I’m tired of the platitudes, the Course pitter-patter. I’m tired of the whole world, ‘cause it does not matter. You know all the lingo. You flail in the Light. Just leave me alone, man. I’m going to take flight. I’m done with the concepts. Don’t give me a book. I’m done with the movies, so don’t make me look. Why bother with people. Why bother with me. Just let it all go, man and let’s all be free. The time and the distance between this and that means nothing is happ’ning to make me re-act. So, I’ll be who I am. No one really cares. Doing nothing is my bliss. I’m going on up stairs. ( 10 minute writing exercise on 3/18/13 by Janni Spiller)

Giving It Up

It’s vaguely familiar this feeling of mine. That mixture of bravery you get from the wine. I guess I’d feel shaky if I went in fear. But I pray to my Father to make the way clear. You’ve got to be loving and give from your heart. You can’t be unhappy or nervous to start. Just pick up your bag. Walk quick and walk tall. You’ve got to be sprightly or you’re in for a fall. I’ve nursed blacks and Asians and folks very poor. I’ve been with dying babies and old ones galore. Forty years on this journey of sickness and sin. I’ve given it all up and now I begin. To see the illusion of hatred and death. A feeling familiar is freeing my breath And opening my heart and my mind to my Lord. I love Him forever. We’re in One accord. (10 minute writing exercise on 3/12/2013 by Janni Spiller)