Monday, December 23, 2013

Please begin

Please begin and end with loving thoughts.
No conflict is welcome in my mind.
Let each moment open to what is.
Let each heart beat with one accord.

Please begin and end with the peace of God.
No war is welcome in my soul.
Let each moment speak with words of Truth.
Let each breath release the sound of joy.

Please begin and end with nothing from the past.
No grievance is welcome from my lips.
Let each moment inspire my brother.
Let each sigh be a letting go.

Please begin and end with no plans;
No anticipation of things to come.
Let each moment be here and now.
Let each prayer just take me home.

Please begin and end.

10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller, 
Dec. 18th, 2013

Starting Now

Starting now in the midst of oppression.
Starting now I’m writing a session
Of mystical thinking that’s really not me.
I’m singing and hanging from yon maple tree.

Starting now I am following my Lord.
No longer on earth plane, I’m in one accord
With love, joy and laughter
and peace ever after.
I’m dancing my thoughts.

Starting now, I am loving you all.
There’s no stopping me, chopping me
 or making me fall
For ego’s illusions of defense and attack.
I’m staying on course kid
because there’s no lack
of starting Me now.

10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller
November 13th, 2013