Wednesday, May 28, 2008


You've got to be kidding; I did all that?
By thinking fear thoughts, I'm under attack?
She really did nothing, that sister of mine!
I thought she was crazy, but you say she's fine!

Hard to believe, but what else can I do?
She's perfect, you say, so that must be true.
What grievance may I keep to make myself real?
Not one, do you say, if I want to heal!

You've got to be kidding, I made myself sick?
You mean she's not guilty; the ego's the trick?
I guess she's my saviour, if I want to learn
That mirror she shows me, I must not now spurn.

I'm grateful to know I'm attacking my self.
I can stop it right now and look at the wealth
Of gifts I've been given by God up above
And instead of attacking me, be only love.

Written by "Janni" on 4/06/2001

Sunday, May 11, 2008


"I love this book, ("ONE PATH HOME"). I read it from start to finish last night in one sitting. I have not been so deeply moved by a book like this in years. Bravo! Truth be told, I was disappointed when it came to an end! What a beautiful story! This story would make a great movie. Your writing is amazing and I laughed out loud in many places.
I am looking forward to your next book." ( "QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT" )

Lisa Natoli, author of "Gorgeous for God"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reader's comments - "ONE PATH HOME"

"ONE PATH HOME" combines a great romantic adventure
story with wise and wonderful ruminations on
Janet Collins is a woman who knows a lot about men, and a
lot about God. I want to read anything she writes."

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love