Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Story

Another Story

Just another story

about me and my glory.

No matter what I say

just throw it all away.

I'm here and I am something.

You're there and you are nothing.

The jewel in this dilemma

is hiding in the cellar.

Bring dark into the light.

Sit back with all your might

and listen to His Word.

The answer's not absurd.

There's no solution here.

Where is your mind my dear?

Like raindrops in the snow,

your thoughts just come and go.

Go where?” your body cries.

Who knows how one denies

the Truth of one's True being

It's not there or between.

It floats up in the sky

and sees the clouds roll by.

But chew on nothing now.

You're not a goat or cow!

Stay light. Stay love. Stay joy.

And do not keep one toy

to root you to the earth.

It's time for your re-birth.

10 minute writing class exercise

Janni Spiller


Monday, October 27, 2014

Playing with laughter

Playing with laughter

Gray, blue, orange and red.
Colours of autumn dance in my head.
Jumping Jacks and a hoola hoop,
Ducks in a pond – lots of green poop!

Clean up your act. Begin once again.
Laugh about writing and pick up your pen.
Nothing means no thing, so where am I at?
Playing with a mustache. My furry cat.

Good for you girl; you're free here at last.
Your words are expanding away from the past.
It's funny you're writing with nothing to say.
Do you think you are something or writing a play?

This play has four acts – all woven within.
Laughing and snorting was never a sin.
Blurping and sizzling your journey through life.
You'll end up in Heaven without any strife.

8 minute writing exercise
by Janni Spiller