Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I’m overwhelmed with all their chatter. 
And all their words that don’t really matter. 
I’m under-whelmed with compassion for them. 
To survive without screaming, I’ll count up to ten. 

 I really don’t like me for writing this crap 
But I’ll do it anyway to see how I map
 A road out of these thoughts to reach higher fields
 Where flowers are blooming and nothing here yields

 To sinister feelings.

 I’m causing this world.
 The flag is unfurled
 Whose white says, “Surrender
 To thoughts that are tender. 

Take a step up the ladder
 From madder and sadder
 And join them in laughter
 And peace ever after.”

 (10 minute writing exercise 4/15/2013 by Janet Spiller)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I walked into a rap Not knowing what to do. This is quite a challenge For me and, yes, for you. We have to make a song And still we do not sing. We just speak fast and long Pretending we are king. I’m standing up in front And yapping about me And saying only junk Pretending I am free. What purpose does this give To one who isn’t here. It’s not the way to live Unless I’m full of fear. Yet joining is the key To leave this seeming place, So please come home with me And share our Father’s Grace. A Grace that doesn’t go Nor rap about a thing. A Grace that doesn’t know A rapper nor a King. For you’re His wondrous Son In silence and in peace. And knowing I’m the One, This non-sense now will cease. And that's a wrap. Janni Spiller 10/27/12

Monday, April 8, 2013


UNTIL Sing until the words mean nothing. Dance until all thoughts have gone. Shout until all rage has vanished. Write about it in your song. Read until you see an answer. Listen until you hear the Word. Christ has risen. You are wondrous. Anything else would be absurd. Cry until no tears are streaming. Laugh until your tummy’s sore. Give thanks until your gratitude’s beaming Us beyond forevermore. Joke until no jokes are laughed at. Kiss until you dream of love. Love until your empty dreaming Disappears into truth above. (10 minute writing exercise by Janet Spiller 4/8/2013)