Saturday, April 8, 2017


It's one of those days when thoughts whip around.
They come and they go and don't make a sound.
Perhaps they are waiting for you and for me
to brighten this planet with thoughts that are free.

I'd like to be driven to mountains up high
where eagles are flying, but never know why
their job is to gather a snail or a goat
to feed there dear youngsters before they emote

a life of there own and be on their way
to worlds far beyond those stars that say
there's nothing on earth to keep you here,
only crisis and worries all bathing in fear.

I hope that you get that all thoughts can't endure
for changes occur like the seasons each year.
First cold, then springy, then here comes the heat.
You swelter and struggle as you try to beat

the sun's heavy blazing through clouds up above.
Until you go swimming with your only true love.
I guess that these thoughts may show you the way.
There's nothing to tell you. There's nothing to say



Janet Spiller
8 minute writing exercise
April 7th, 2017

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