Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cher Papa . . . a note with a “pressie”

It's been quite a while
since I wrote a rhyme.
I can only smile
at the topic this time.

These socks are for you.
I give you three.
Some tissue too.
(I got that free!)

Red, black and tan
to meet most needs
of an Englishman
who does good deeds.

Red is for racy,
the times you zoom out
and do something crazy
and give a great shout!

Here I am world
I'm not dead yet.
My spirit's unfurled
and I'm out to get.”

Tan is so quiet,
a ho-hum shade.
It won't cause a riot,
nor woo a young maid.

Black is quite formal
and denotes an occasion
like going to church,
or fiddling an Asian.

And so these great socks
were meant just for you
to enjoy “on the rocks”
and make dreams come true.
Love you, Janet, 1960

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